Ganpat is found dead in his office at his desk. Who was the Killer ?

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Solve this case...

Ganpat is found dead in his office at his desk.

Sherlock Holmes was working on this case and have narrowed the suspects down to three people:
1. His Friend Mr Rakesh Gupta
2. Ganpat's wife "Bhawna"
3. His Secretary "Jason Kumar"

All three suspects visited ganpat on the day of his murder for various reason as they told to Sherlock.

As we know where police failed , Sherlock comes.
He was able to find a note at the corner of the wall. "7B91011" was written on it.

Sherlock waste no time in announcing the killer. Who was the killer ?

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The number on the calendar was written in a hurry.Sherlock matched the written number with the months of the year.
So the B was an 8, thereby giving us 7-8-9-10-11: July, August, September, October, November.

Use the first letter of each month and it spells J-A-S-O-N.
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