Find the Vault code puzzle

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Please find the Vault code consisting of 5 different numbers … (1-9)
1. The sum of the first digit and the sum of the third digit is 10
2. The first digit is a square of the fifth digit
3. The fourth digit is equal to the second digit plus 1
4. The sum of the digits is 22

What is the Vault code?

What day is it today ?

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Tomorrow is neither Wednesday nor Thursday,
Yesterday was not Friday or Saturday.
Today is not Thursday or Sunday or Monday.
What day is it today ?

Find the Animal names in the Sentences | Answers

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Some Animals have escaped from the Zoo and have gone into hiding,
See if you can help the authorities find them.
Find Animal names in between the sentences.
1. I checked the schedule I think Jacob is on duty tomorrow
2. Before we head out tomorrow we should get a trail map and a compass.
3. You know if it clears up it could be a very nice day
4. I guess I should start studying as I have a midterm in eight hours
5. I've been told that common keys for a guitar are C,D,A and G
6. I don't think he'll have any problem mingling with the crowd after the concert
7. After touring Oslo they took the ferry to Copenhagen
8. After I made the order it said please allow four to six weeks for delivery.
9. That is a really remarkable mural you have chosen for the bedroom wall
10. The new car I bought has a strange problem with its transmission.

How much money did the man make or lose ? | Puzzle Answers

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A man buys a horse for $60.
He sells the horse for $70.

He then buys the horse back for $80.
and He sells the horse again for $90.

In the end, how much money
did the man make or lose ?
Or did he break even ?

Six Cities Puzzle | Logic Puzzle

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There are six cities A,B,C,D,E and F
A is not a hill station.
B and E are not historical places.
D is not an industrial city.
A and D are not historical cities.
A and B are not alike.
Assuming that there are 2 cities of each type :
Hill Station, Historical City and Industrial Town,
Which two cities seem to be Industrial Centres ?

Select any one no for Diwali Whatsapp Game

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Aap Diwali ka din Kiske saath Guzarna chahte ho
select any one no
Reply fast m waiting....

Parivar aur doston ke saath share karen aur jaane woh log Diwali kiske saath manana chahte hai !

I am large on Saturday and Sunday. Who am I ?

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I am large on Saturday and Sunday.
I get small from Tuesday to Thursday.
You can't find me on Monday and Friday.

Who am I ?
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